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Elevate Your Artistic Impact:
Funding, Web Design & Management Solutions

Say goodbye to the struggle of financing your cultural project. With my expertise in fundraising, I’ll guide you through the process and help you secure the funding you need to bring your vision to life.

No more time-consuming website maintenance. My designs and packages provide you with an effortless system, allowing you to easily update and maintain your online presence on the go.



Consultation and help wiht your dossier as well as the whole process of financing a cultural project itself on a hourly rate.

20 min consultation (free)
Your questions
Review dossier / draft
First Feedback
Linguistic Revision
List of Foundations

Artists-Webdesign & Photography (Standard)

Your finished website with colors and fonts along with the edited photos from our shooting. Ready to get visibility and share your work as an artist.

20 min consultation (free)
Briefing & Hosting info
extensive pre-selection
Individual responsive webdesign with bespoke
look & feel / artists site map
Bilingual function
(2 languages)
Advice on which images to choose
Basic SEO / Set-up of Google Analytics
Tutorials for independent adjustment of the page
Selection of 15-20 photos in high resolution for online and print use
Pre-Launch check-up
Not included are the costs of your domain (approx. EUR 13.00/year), for the hosting (approx. EUR 7.00/month) and a specific Software (EUR 29.00/year or 49.00/year with your own subscription)

Artists-Webdesign & Photography (Premium)

This package adds to the standard offer two extensions

Blog with categories and filters
shop (e.g. for your discography and products)
individual booking system (e.g. for instrumental classes)

Possibilities of extensions

With the standard and premium website packages the texts & content (except for the photos) are supplied by the client. The following services are bookable on request.

Well written biography in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish
Bespoke texts of your choice in German, English or French


I am a cultural solopreneur from Switzerland, living in Paris and Lucerne. Growing up in a family of musicians, I have been able to appreciate and live with passionate musicians from various backgrounds and genres from an early age. In 2021, I graduated from my bachelor studies at the University of Music and Theatre Hamburg. As a freelancer I contribute to projects within the fields of public relations, fundraising, production, webdesign and photography.

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ARTISTSwebdesign & photography

I’ve created comprehensive packages that are made for artists. Combining a professional photoshoot with a bespoke website is the base. Check out my portfolio and worksheets, listing elements that could elevate your own online presence to new heights.


The teamwork and communication with Dshamilja was incredibly great - uncomplicated, cordial, fruitful. She has the valuable quality of quickly empathizing with artists' thoughts and ideas, understanding them and structuring them excellently, resulting in a super work flow. Highly recommend her to everyone!
I warmly recommend Dshamilja. The complete package with top support, great creative ideas and in the end it's there: A stylish and tastefully designed website. Still simple, clear and informative. Better than I had imagined!
I saw the website and the photos you took of a colleague and I thought they were great: very natural, simply Philipp. This appealed to me a lot. From the first moment, the process was based on a foundation of trust, understanding of who I am and dedicated to a cooperative workflow. Your search for aesthetics inspired me! You have the patience of a stubborn angel and a relaxed persistence. I can not imagine a more beautiful website and shop. You have lovingly designed every detail and made it a true piece of art. Thank you!


I always enjoy working with Ms. Schurtenberger on a variety of causes. Her professionalism significantly influenced the development of our concert format. Her competencies range from the forward-thinking, quick and reliable way of completing tasks to the skillful and patient consultant and pedagogue who gladly takes the time to explain procedures in such a way that I can apply them independently afterwards. I definitely recommend her.
Dshamilja immediately impressed me with her warm, approachable, efficient and competent manner. Short and concise, she was able to address the most important points of my dossier, so that it became immediately clear to me what my next steps would be. Therefore, I warmly recommend Dshamilja as a cultural manager for anyone who can't get ahead in the foundation dossier jungle on their own!
Dshamilja's professional competence convinced us right away! With her open personality she helped us a lot in a short time and we were able to successfully realize our biggest project so far after only a few sessions. The communication with her is always efficient and uncomplicated. We recommend Dshamilja as a cultural manager to everyone who still has big plans!
What I love about working with Dshamilja is that she gives structure and focus to the ideas that are floating around, which makes it possible for her to mould a stable project. Among Dshamilja's qualities I would count her talent for language and writing texts, her ability to research open questions, her ability to criticise me as project-leader, and especially her feeling for my aesthetic vision, which I'd be unable to realise on my own. Through all these qualities she gives me the full support I need, without ever making me feel that she has taken over the project.
Dshamilja and her work are very much worth it. I was lucky enough to work with her several times already and can only recommend her! Since her skills are very diverse, she has already been able to help me with photoshoots, job applications, with my portfolio and last but not least with a lot of foundation requests. Her professionalism, special attention to details, open and lovely manner have always impressed me very much. She works expeditiously and what I especially like is that she is always available and can quickly understands exactly what I need. Everyone can be happy to have Dshamilja in their project.
In order to get scholarship for my education at Tanzwerk 101 in Zurich, Dshamilja went to great lengths: she created an ingenious dossier, an overview of the foundations to be contacted and helped me to set up the appropriate individual correspondence for each foundation. Thanks to her help and excellent quality work, I am now supported by many foundations and can fully focus on my studies. She has countless skills mixed with passion, responsibility and precision flow into her work. The communication was very straightforward and insanely efficient. In addition to her many talents, she is an incredibly kind and helpful person who spares no hurdle to help others reach their goals!


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